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Benefits of our Academy

The best instructors have designed the most motivating classes for you.

Self-paced Learning Path

Dive into forex with learning that fits you like a glove. From expert mentorship to courses that match your pace and goals, we're here to guide your journey from newbie to market maven!

Real-World Trading Experience

Get your hands on the pulse of the market with live trading sessions and demo accounts. It's all about practicing in a risk-free zone, so when the real game begins, you're trading like a pro!

Community and Network Building

Join our tribe of forex enthusiasts and wealth builders. It's more than just courses; it's about connecting, sharing strategies, and creating opportunities together!

Step 1 - Join the Discord

Our L2G Discord is where the fun happens! 

  • Click this link to join: https://discord.gg/nVPFwKPq9B
  • Verify the disclaimer
  • Head over to the cool kid hangout and introduce yourself
  • Go through and familiarize yourself with the different categories and channels

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Step 2 - Kickstart Guide

Get started on your financial journey with our Kickstart Guide and Budget sheet

Step 3 - View the Calendar

Participating in Live Classes is full of mentorship and guidance

  • Head to your Home Page or L2G Live Classes from your Profile Page
  • View the Calendar and find live classes that you'd like to attend
  • Add those classes to your calendar of choice and make sure to save them according to your time zone (They Should auto populate your time zone, but it's always good to double check)!
  • Make the commitment to attend 2-3 live classes a week!
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Step 4- Start your Journey

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Time start your learning path

  • Head over to your profile and select "L2G Trade Academy"
  • Start your path with "Jumpstart Your Journey"
  • Go through the classes at your own pace
  • Ask for help in discord if needed!