Our Mission

Fostering a world where everybody wins!

Who We are

Welcome to Legends Together, where education meets opportunity. Founded by Terry Hyche, Radiance Marie, and Danielle Farley, we started our journey to empower people across the globe on the skill of trading in the forex market.

With 78% of Americans reported to be living paycheck to paycheck we later decided to stretch into utilizing our strength and knowledge of financial literacy and entrepreneurship to helping individuals grow and take control of their financial futures.

We learned, through helping people, that most individuals lacked knowledge and understanding on how to use money as a tool to create more cash flow and ultimately building long term wealth. Along the way, we created 2 academies that give people exactly what they need to get control of their finances, create proper disciplines and to learn the powerful skillset of trading in the forex market.

This addresses the money game as a whole in beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. Proper budgeting, money management, investing & trading can pave the way to time and financial freedom, and with Legends Together everyone can create a life they may have thought was not within reach. ANYONE CAN DO IT!

We hope to welcome you to the Legends Together Community and help you start your journey with us! Click below to get started today!

What We Do

At L2G, we are dedicated to empowering individuals through knowledge and skill development. We specialize in providing comprehensive education in three key areas:

  • Forex Trading: Unlock the secrets of the global currency markets with our expert-led courses and personalized mentorship programs. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced trader, our resources will help you navigate the complexities of Forex trading with confidence.
  • Intro to Financial Literacy: Open your eyes to the world of money management. From budgeting, credit building/restoring & debt management, our wealth academy will start you on a journey to taking control of your current financial situation.
  • Wealth Building Strategies: Gain control of your financial future with our wealth building strategies. From tax savings strategies to debt leveraging, other key money tips and uncommon income streams, we equip you with the tools and knowledge needed to build lasting wealth and financial security.

Join us at Legends Together and embark on a journey towards personal and financial success. Together, we'll achieve greatness.