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When you become an affiliate, we will provide you with an affiliate ID. Share any package link including your ID. We track every page you share.


When someone visits the link you have shared and purchases a product, you will earn 25% not only on the initial sale, but also on any recurring payments.
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Philemon E.

My primary goal is to help others become financially successful. The affiliate program rewards me for helping friends get on the path to wealth!
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Paul K.

When I first met Terry, all I could see is how people could benefit from this skill set. I love sharing what L2G has to offer! Making commission every month could be the answer to thousands of prayers around the world, especially in this post covid period!
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Richard C

I am excited to be apart of L2G, because everyone deserves the chance to achieve their retirement goals. The skills and knowledge gained through L2G will help make that a reality. I am thrilled that this program benefits everyone involved.
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Leanne H

Affiliate marketing is awesome passive income at its best. I love sharing opportunities that everyone can win regardless of where they live, education etc. and that is exactly what L2G wants, EVERYBODY TO WIN!